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She walked back out to the car and saw him staring at his phone and her stomach plummeted to her feet.  What else could go wrong?  She was trying to make amends for being a massive plonker.  She had a lot to make up for.  

Instead of getting into the car upset, she took a deep breath and plastered a smile on her face.  ”If it tastes half as good as it smells we’re in for a treat.”  Rose said as she opened the door and slid inside the car.  

She put the bag in the floorboard and buckled up.  ”I think the flats are just up the road here.”  Her index finger pointed to the rows of housing that lined the street.  Before he could turn put the car in gear she put her hand over his and smiled.  

"Hey..c’mere.."  She whispered and used her right hand to hook around his neck.  She pulled him to her and pressed her lips against his.  This time there were no distractions, it was just the two of them and she wanted to indulge for just a moment in her newest obsession.  

The Doctor’s lips.  

"Yeah, they’ll definitely be more of the kissing."  She told him with a grin as she pulled away.  They needed to get to the flat before their food got cold.  Plus, they had all night and tomorrow to talk and hopefully kiss.  

Rose snapped her seat belt into place and settled back into her seat.  ”After dinner and a glass or four of wine I want a bath, a nice hot bath to just soak in..”  She bit her lip nervously and before she could stop her self.  ”That’s an open invitation..just so you know.”  

Oh God..she did it.  Was it too soon?  What if he wasn’t ready for that?  What if she just ruined everything?  She didn’t say anything else, instead she kept her eyes in front of her on the road and let her head fill with the worries and what-if’s.   

The Doctor looked up as Rose got in, smiling, and he stored his phone away. “Well they smell delicious, so I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

He leaned in obediently when she pulled him close, and he grinned as their lips met. Oh yes, he liked this. He liked this a lot. He liked kissing her, and he certainly liked being able to do it away from the prying eyes of all the nosy people.

"Well I don’t really think I want to do more kissing in the car," he told her with a smirk. "Especially where there’s probably a nice big bed for us to curl up on and kiss for as long as we want."

He was grinning as he pulled out of the parking lot, quite happy with himself. Sure, things had been a bit of a mess, and they had certainly taken the longest possible road to get here, and they still had a lot of problems ahead of them that they needed to sort out and none of it was going to be at all easy.

But for a few, blissful days, they could hide away and be happy. They could curl up in bed and hold each other and kiss all they wanted and sleep late and nobody would be there to see it and try to stop them.

They could be happy. Even if it was just for a weekend.

Even if it was all fleeting.

At her mention about joining her in the bath he nearly spluttered — not because the idea didn’t appeal to him and he didn’t want to, but because that sounded so entirely amazing and he was having a hard time keeping the images out of his head.

"That…That would…be fantastic, actually. If you want. If it’s okay. If it sounds good to you." He stuttered out.

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"Yep, you’re doin’ well so far," she told him, wrapping her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. "Thank you, so much. For everything. Really."


"What else have you got planned? Mr Full of Surprises." She was so eager to start living in the house, and possibly start a family with the Doctor.

"Well if I told you everything that would just ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it?" The Doctor teased, kissing her. "Come on, we’re spending the night here. The bed is being delivered as we speak."

He’d actually put a lot of thought and planning into this. He’d had the electricity turned on and stocked up the fridge and everything. It was going to be a great night.

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"I don't even know why I'm still wasting my time on you." ((The 'Break my muse in 15 words or less' meme))
- pinkandyellowwolf



Break my muse in 15 words or less.

He did his best not to let the hurt show on his face.

"Then why don’t you leave?" 

Rose took a step back, not expecting him to snap back so harshly. “Fine.” She responded, “I should’ve left ages ago.” Rose hissed at him, even though she didn’t fully mean it. She turned on her heal, beginning to walk away.


"If that’s the way you feel then yeah, you should have," the Doctor shot back, turning away from her. He had no idea where any of this was coming from, but if this was how she felt then fine. That was just fine. He wasn’t going to sit here and make her feel like she was obligated to stay with him.

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please don't hurt yourself. Live for your writing, live to see the next episode of Doctor Who, live to maybe one day start a family. Please, be kind to yourself and please please don't hurt yourself.
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Start a family with who? No one is ever going to want to be with me. I’m a loser.

But thank you for trying…I do appreciate it….

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What do you think Rose would do if the other Doctor came back somehow?
- Anonymous

"She loves me. She loves the life she has — the life we have together. I don’t think she would go with him."

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Do you have a proposal plan for Rose, should that ever come up? Or would you just try and wing it?
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"Rose isn’t really a big gestures kind of person. I’d keep it simple. But I don’t have any real plans right now."

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Do you think there's ever something Rose isn't telling you from when she was trapped here without you?
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"I’m sure there are a lot of things. But she doesn’t push me and I don’t push her. She’ll tell me when she’s ready. I know she will."

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Would you one day like to have a little Doctor or little Rose?
- Anonymous

"A little Rose. Definitely a little Rose."

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